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In this homepage, we will show you the procedures of purchasing an automobile in Japan.

The documents which are required when you purchase an automobile in Japan.

1. Letter of proxy
2. Transfer of ownership certificate
3. Proof of parking permit(If you live in apartments, you will need a parking permit of an owner of the perking lot.)
4. Personal seal
5. Certification of alien registration

If you don’t understand documents 1, 2 and 3, I will explain to you. Regardless 1, 2 and 3,
please ensure to bring a personal seal and a certification of alien registration.

If you bring all documentation, you are eligible to purchase an automobile.

Car price
Registration expense (about 40000 yen)
Consumption tax
(Liability insurance / Car weight tax / Recycling charges)
(Luxury car tax, if applicable)

Car purchase price

As the taxes depend on the cars size and value, please contact us for more details. Please E-mail to the following.
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